BPA Members headed to State Conference

BPA members headed to State Leadership Conference
Posted on 01/16/2018
BPA members at Region CompetitionSeveral NSD high school students qualified for state competition at the regional Business Professionals of America Conference held at Marsing High School on Jan. 12. The students are all enrolled in business courses as part of the district’s Career and Technical Education program. The state BPA Conference will be held at Boise State University in March and will determine who qualifies to compete at nationals in Dallas, Texas, later this year. 

Fundamental Accounting
Andersen Rapp – Skyview
Carissa Chandler – Skyview
Nicole Zhang - Nampa

Advanced Accounting
Jayson Hibbard – Skyview
Chris Kielman – Skyview

Payroll Accounting
Davis Young - Skyview
Braden Lungren - Skyview

Banking and Finance
Tripp Pugmire – Columbia
Tristin Sullivan – Skyview
Abilene Gomez – Columbia

Financial Analyst Team
Davis Young – Skyview
Braden Lungren – Skyview
Jayson Hibbard – Skyview
Chris Kielman – Skyview

Personal Finance Management
Jacob Fellows – Columbia

Integrated Office Applications
Breanna Boutte – Skyview
Maura Kido - Skyview
Abilene Gomez – Columbia

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
M’Kay Salinas - Columbia
Emmalea Lattimer - Columbia

Advanced Office Systems and Procedures
Emmalea Lattimer – Columbia
Alicia Toledo - Skyview

PC Servicing and Troubleshooting
Wade Kindberg - Columbia
Devin Clay - Columbia
Connor Forst - Columbia

Fundamentals of Web Design
Esmeralda Galvan – Skyview
Alexis Rudy – Skyview

Computer Modeling
Gavin Edde – Skyview

Computer Animation Team
Wade Kindberg – Columbia
Gavin Edde – Skyview
Adrian Kindberg - Columbia

Administrative Support Research Individual
Cori Coffman - Columbia

Business Law & Ethics
Micah Becker – Columbia

Digital Publishing
Breanna Boutte – Skyview

Computer Network Technology
Devin Clay – Columbia
Giuliani Zavallos-Moore – Nampa

Website Design Team
Charlie Clements – Columbia
Conner Forst – Columbia

Computer Security
Jeret Fusselman – Columbia
Esmeralda Galvan - Skyview

Broadcast News Production Team
Parker Kummermeh - Columbia
Andrew Northup – Columbia

Small Business Management Team
Tripp Pugmire – Columbia
Bryce Snyder – Skyview
M’Kay Salinas – Columbia

Extemporaneous Speech
Kayla Wade - Columbia

Medical Office Procedures
Ashley Massengale - Nampa

Legal Office Procedures
Samantha Stevens – Nampa

Global Marketing Team
Carissa Chandler - Skyview
Kimberly Roberts - Skyview
Declan Smith - Nampa
Dylan Yunt – Nampa

Database Applications
Declan Smith – Nampa

Advanced Word Processing
Kimberly Roberts – Skyview

Human Resource Management
Bryce Snyder – Skyview