Agriculture Education

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The Agriculture & Natural Sciences Program area houses the following Pathways:
The Ag Mechanics Pathway prepares students for the challenges they might face in the typical agriculture or farm/ranch industries. Students have the opportunity to develop skills in the Ag Mechanics Pathway where they spend time learning equipment, shop safety, tools, small engine repair, basic and advanced welding, basic electricity, and fabrication. This pathway leads to postsecondary credit at the University of Idaho.

The Veterinary Technician Pathway focuses on Equine care, the necessary knowledge, skills pertaining to nutrition, reproduction, genetics, disease, anatomy, physiology and breeding.  Students learn basic care techniques for both large and small animals. This pathway is aligned to instruction at the College of Southern Idaho.

The Dairy Sciences Pathway is the latest Ag related pathway offered in the Nampa School District. Students will study the cycle of the dairy industry from calving to milk production and distribution.  Included in this pathway will be the study of our natural resources including wildlife, conservation, and the threats to the natural habitat and its secondary affects.

The Greenhouse Management Pathway will develop those students interested in pursing occupations pertaining to growing and selling a variety of plants and flowers in the greenhouse environment or small garden.  Students will also experience an overview of the floral industry including marketing, care for cut flowers, and building arrangements. This pathway currently aligns to the Horticulture Technology program at College of Western Idaho. 

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