Business Administration

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The Business & Marketing Program Area houses the following Pathways:

The Applied Accounting Pathway prepares students to analyze business transactions, including double-entry accounting, banking procedures, payroll transactions, accrual accounting and financial statements.  Students will be introduced to computerized small business accounting systems.  The Applied Accounting Pathway is aligned and provides Dual-Credit opportunity for students through a partnership with College of Western Idaho.

The Administrative Specialist Pathway prepares students with the essential skills and knowledge needed in the typical administrative work environment.  Emphasis will be on the use of technology as an integral aspect of business communication for solving business problems that require advanced use and integration of productivity applications. This pathway is aligned with the College of Western Idaho.

The Marketing Pathway provides students the fundamentals of marketing as a theory applied to business problems, practices and the business environment. The pathway will develop student’s proficiency in the planning, designing and development of business and promotional documents using industry standard design tools. Students will create logos, images and corporate graphics.  

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