Media Technologies

The Media Technologies program develops student interest in the areas of Commercial Photography and Video Production Broadcasting. Both Pathways prepare students for exciting careers in the digital media industry.

The Commercial Photography Pathway introduces students to digital photography as an art and craft.  Students will explore the history of photography, functions of the digital camera, basic exposure and editing techniques using industry standard software.  Students develop their understanding of the commercial photography industry through their own presentation of work, including digital media displays, printed exhibitions and their final portfolio.  Indoor and outdoor photo shoots will be employed to allow stretching of their digital imagination.  The Commercial Photography Pathway is aligned with and offers postsecondary credits through Northwest College in Wyoming.

The Video Production Broadcasting Pathway will introduce students to the aspects of broadcasting, video editing, camera angles, lighting and ensuring the perfect shot.  Throughout the pathway instruction students will be challenged to develop daily newscasts through writing, shooting and editing practice.  Video creation and artistic development will be emphasized during the program.  The Video Production Broadcasting Pathway offers postsecondary credits through Idaho State University.

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