Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Pathway currently offers its introduction course at eachof the three comprehensive high schools. This introductory course is taught by the high school uniformed School Resource Officers assigned to each particular high school.

Students will be introduced to the foundations of general police work and the criminal justice system.  Instruction will include the foundations of social and psychological studies, national, state and local laws related to the civil and criminal aspects of today’s society.

Students will explore basic criminal investigation techniques, mechanics of search and seizure, emergency medial procedures, rescue and safety, traffic and crowd control and related scenarios as they pertain to the course curriculum.

Students will take part in the physical training and will be expected to participate in the required pathway physical fitness testing. The course will also cover the rules that govern the police during the course of conducting their jobs, such as arrests and explanation of Miranda rights.  Forensic science will be introduced through the active participation from industry partners and students will investigate criminal activity through mock scenarios.

The Law Enforcement program is currently aligned with the Law Enforcement program at the College of Southern Idaho.

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