Power Sports

The Power Sports Technology Pathway at the Nampa School District is based on the industry standards followed by accredited Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC) certified instructors. The pathway is aligned to the Power Sports and Small Engine Repair Technology program at the College of Western Idaho.

The Power Sports Technology Pathway will introduce students to basic small engine repair. Students will study the functional aspects and power differences between the two cycle and four cycle engine, cooling and lubrication, required tools and minor repair procedures.

Students will diagnose and repair equipment used in a variety of power sports industries.  Exploration of all types of equipment engines and power trains will be included. Lawn equipment, outboard motors, snowmobile and motorcycle engines will be studied. Students in their final year of the pathway will have the opportunity to work on industry projects provided by advisory partners and the Nampa School District.  

Upon completion students will be prepared to test for the EETC assessment. Students will establish a working relationships with local specialty part providers in order to complete repairs. 

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